About Us!

The Maryland Cued Speech Association (MDCSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of deaf and hard of hearing children and adults in the state of Maryland to utilize and have access to Cued Speech in all settings. MDCSA is an affiliate of the National Cued Speech Association (NCSA). Members of MDCSA receive e-mail updates; resource referrals for babysitters, classes, camps, transliterators, and experienced cuers; a membership directory; and information about camps, meetings, and conferences related to Cued Speech. In addition, MDCSA members are eligible for reduced dues when joining the NCSA.

MDCSA Goals:
  • To promote and protect the use of Cued Speech in Maryland.
  • To protect the right of children and adults to have access to cued English in all settings.
  • To promote the use of cueing in the community by making classes and support groups readily available in the home and a variety of settings.
  • To work to establish a qualified Cued Speech Transliterator Program at a local accredited university, college or community college in Maryland.
  • To inform our elected officials, public administrators, and employers about the excellent results obtained in language acquisition, reading, and writing by deaf children through the use of Cued Speech both in the home and in the schools.
  • To educate physicians, health care providers, and other professionals about the existence and benefits of Cued Speech.
  • To investigate, support, and distribute information about current technology of benefit to cuers.
  • To develop and disseminate information regarding services available to Cued Speech consumers.

Maryland Cues Updates:

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